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Icons by Curtana

geek culture compressed to 100x100

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  • iconsbycurtana@livejournal.com
Welcome to my icon journal! All that will be posted here are icons I've made, and possibly icon tutorials, if there's any interest in them. I mostly make fandom icons - House, Battlestar Galactica, Firefly, Lord of the Rings, Venture Bros., Clone High, Futurama, as well as Monty Python, Blackadder, and other British comedies, and various geek-interest subjects like role-playing games, sf/f quotes, and general snarkery.


* If you take any icons, please credit either curtana or iconsbycurtana in the keyword or comments field when you upload them.
*Comments are always appreciated, but not mandatory.
*If additional credit (such as to an artist or author) is required, I will mention that in the relevant post.
* Do not hotlink. Just don't.
* Do not claim my work as your own.


* Please ask if there are changes (such as different text, different colouring) you would like made to an icon rather than doing it yourself. Most of the time I will be able to accommodate such requests.
* If you like my style and would like a custom-made icon, please submit your request as a comment on this post.
* If you wish to know how I made a particular icon, you can request a tutorial at the same place.


* Here are the icontests and challenges I currently participate in regularly:

period_stills house_challenge fantasy100 scifi100
bstg_icontest bladdericontest babylon5contest fellowship_hush
ventureicontest britcomicontest pickmybest potc_challenge

For most icontests, you do not need to be a member in order to vote in any given contest, so if you feel so inclined, please do so! (No, I won't tell you before-hand which icons are mine :)

I am a mod at the following icontests/challenges:


To view banners my icons have won, please see these posts:

Awards 1
Awards 2
Awards 3

All of these icons are available for use, with proper credit. If you can't find the post a particular one is included in, please ask.

If you wish to nominate any of my icons for an award, please do so, with my thanks! All that I ask is that you let me know about it, so that I can pay a visit to the community and check it out.

Resource Credits:

Like most icon makers, I get resources from all over the place. Here are the ones I use most frequently. (This section will continue to be updated.)

Screencaps and Images
The Frame Mike's Images The Mad Capper
Ariane's Cap Archive bluebear_74 Screenmusings Movie Screenshots

100x100_brushes throw_elijah ewanism boundary _feverof_fate inobscuro ohfreckle finsternis-stock

100x100textures neondistrict concrete_icons lookslikerain Velvet loveicon textures_r_us icon_textures rainharbour ravenclawwit mag0rian tragic_icons cenedrawood lil_brokenangel xxkuu_chan behindtonsils curlwurl colorfilter our_wreckage erniemay _iconographer oxoniensis cgd girlboheme spiritcoda ohfreckle dearest 77words zemie aery tihana lakicons spaceyme blimey_icons apparating Spiffing Icons NQ Designs the_preamble ninesouls virtuosities cooloring gimmemore_icons lifeisdolce onlyabreath lucide_icons discolore cielo_gris zenni FBiT padabee reyesphile cinnamonstreet vert_gazon ddg_textures damnicons eowyn_rus hel_lansky chaoticfae luux_lu gfxgurl innocent_lexys probot x_momolicious_x yunhe automaticxheart monstreum gfxgurl mitsu21 yunyunsarang tralala_icons vol4itca masterjinn springdreams anliah marishna wingsdesired eMelody crazykira-resources

Chainstyle.com cooldecade oxoniensis

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