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Icons by Curtana


Hello! Welcome to curtana's icon journal, where you'll find 100x100 slices of fandom and geekery, all free to a good home! You're welcome to friend this journal, no need to ask permission. However, I will only be friending icon journals from this LJ, so as to keep my flists organized.

Credit Policy:

* Please credit either curtana or iconsbycurtana in the keyword or comment field if you take any icons. Comments are always appreciated, but not mandatory. If additional credit (such as to an artist or author) is required, I will mention that in the relevant post.
* Do not hotlink. Just don't.
* Do not claim my work as your own.


I love your icons, I stumbled upon them and looked through most all! I snagged a few and will be sure to credit when they're used! (didn't want to comment to you on every other post). Thanks!
Hi! I was just wondering, how about editing small parts of text? I have a Saturday Morning Watchmen icon you made with the Comedian holding a sign, how okay is it if I change the words on the sign?
Sure, that's fine :)