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Icons by Curtana


This is the place for any requests you might have. Want an icon of your favorite character or quote? Like one of my icons, but wish it was a slightly different colour? Ask here, and I'll see what I can do for you. I'm a busy lady, so I can't guarantee how quickly I'll be able to complete your request, but I'll do my best.

Things to include in your comment, if you're asking for an entirely new icon:

- Please include or link to the image(s) you would like me to use.
- The text you want, if any, and, if you have a preference, the font.
- A general idea of the colour palette you want.
- A description of the overall look or mood you're going for.

This is also the place to request a tutorial, if you want to learn how I made one of my icons. Just ask here, and I'll do my best to explain the process (assuming I can recreate it, heh).
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thanks a bunch... the specifications are:

futurama episode GodFellas, where Bender is holding Fry out of the statue of liberty (from his ankle)... with the caption that says: "He decided not to let go"...

Thanks a bunch =)
How's this?

I tried to get in as close as I could while still keeping the bit of the statue's head that gives context. I wasn't sure if you wanted a wider shot that would show Fry holding the picture, but I thought that might wind up too hard to make out. I hope this is close to what you were looking for :)
D'you think you'll ever make Babylon 5 icons?

A whole bunch of snarky Londo icons (or G'kar icons), for instance... and Shadow icons! Ooh...

*bats eyelashes*

Anyway, no pressure. Just a thought...
Short answer: yes :)

Longer answer: I'm collecting the screencaps gradually, and when I've amassed a ridiculous supply, I'll get started on them. So far I haven't found a huge resource of them, so I'm having to scrounge them from here and there. It may eventually prove more efficient to take the caps myself, but we'll see. I have quotes aplenty, and some of the best ones are long enough that I may do a series of text-only icons too. I've also just started joining in at babylon5contest.
I'd love to see some Ursula K. LeGuin icons, if you would. =) You did such a fabulous job with the Dune ones.
You mean from the mini-series of Wizard of Earthsea? If so, I have to confess I haven't seen it. *hands in geek card, ruefully* I really ought to, one of these days! If I do, I'll certainly see about making some icons based on it :)
Hello beautiful!

I have a simple request for you...
Here's the background:


And on it, simply, the text "Got Kilt?"

Maybe in the Blackadder "lip wobble" icon's font, or whatever looks best. Something bold you can see the tartan behind. Thank you.
How's this? :)

Here via bodhifox's Lj. I have an alterego fannish journal, nonniemous. Do you think you could do a mouse icon, perhaps with "nonnie" on it? I like snark, and I don't like cutesy--even as I say this image of Beatrix Potter's "Tailor of Gloucester" is about right. Maybe cropped to just use the mouse and the newspaper, and the text on it blurred? As for colors, I like the antique look and I like black and white. (Though honestly, unless it pertains to belly dancing I have no color sense.) For fonts, benguiat frisky and squire are two styles I like; I don't know that either would work with this. So something legible, even plain Courier if that's what works.

Thanks muchly, for even reading!
How is this? If there's something you're not happy with, just say so and I'll try and fix it :)


I know I've asked for stuff before, but... do you think you might make a Babylon 5 icon of "Terror is also a form of communication"? I looked for it and didn't see one (maybe I just missed it).

Thank you! :)

Re: Miaow!

I'll see what I can do :)
I adore your MST3K icons and was wondering if you could make icons from the MST films "Girl In Gold Boots" and "Robot Monster"?

I'd just like them in the style of your other MST icons. Alas I have no screen caps and I'm leaving the text preferences up to you.

You mean quote icons from Girl in Gold Boots and Robot Monster? (in this style: ) I can do those without any trouble. Or ones with images from the movies? If it's the latter, I can take screencaps from Girl in Gold Boots, no problem, but I don't have Robot Monster, so those might be a bit harder. Any particular scenes/quotes you'd like from Girl in Gold Boots?
Hi! I know you're out of town, but forthright was just telling me that you might be up to making some Venture Bros. icons. The mere thought of your willingness to do this makes me so gleeful I don't know what to do with myself.

Particular requests:

  • The Monarch talking about LJ! "I met her on the LiveJournal, which I kept in prison. I have been blogging! After posting an especially attractive picture of my prison sculpted-abs, she commented that I was not only 'Pwn,' I was 'Teh Sex'... whatever that means." I don't know what the best way to excerpt/animate this is, but there isn't a word of it that's not brilliant. You probably only need a bit of it.

  • Something with Dr. Girlfriend. Perhaps from the same episode: "Yes, I belong here. I just have a deep voice." Though any of the scenes with her in bed with Monarch would be hilarious too.

  • My husband's got a few textless Dr. Orpheus icons, but I would love to give him a textful one as a present (with due credit, of course). I have no lines specifically in mind, but I'd be thrilled with anything you made.

I'm afraid I don't have the DVD's so I have no screencaps for you. If you don't own the DVD's, I'll see what I can do when I get back from the Learneds next week.

Hope you're having fun in F'ton!

I love Venture Bros., and was thinking of making some icons from it anyway, so this is a great excuse to get me working on them :) I don't have the DVDs myself, but I can borrow at least the first season from a friend - he may also have the second season by now, I'm not certain. The LJ bit is a second season ep, is it not? I'll see what I can do :)

Have fun at the Learneds!
I love all the icons you've made (came here via a link from universe_today), and would like to make a different request - how about a tutorial? When you have the time of course! :)

Sure, I'm happy to do a tutorial. Any icon or technique in particular that you're interested in? :)
That's neat that you accept requests.

I'd love matching icons of these pics:



Preferrably with the words OTP (One True Pairing) or Sheyla or anything else you think is appropriate for these pics.

Whatever colors you come up with will work fine, though I am partial to blue or orange for them.

And I'm going for an alluring mood for the icons since it suits the characters. So well.

Hi there! Here is what I came up with. Hope you like them :)

ooo i would love an icon!

Fro this icon of Frodo:

Perhaps write... "Frodo is my forever love" in italics. include some sparkley background... I really liked #17 and 13 and 28 from the themed table and liked 48 from the Artist's choice. I really like blends so maybe think of blending something you deem apprropriate?
Would like a dreamy kind of look. eyes are important to include...

Thanks so much! ♥ I love your icons from your LotR 100 batch btw. :)

Re: ooo i would love an icon!

Sure, I'll see what I can do with it. It will probably be a week or so until I can get to it, I'm going to be away on vacation :)
Oooh... You're taking requests? Well, I can't resist that...

Maybe a pic of Queenie (from Blackadder) with the caption "You can shut up, or you can have your head cut off"? I can think of many discussions on Lj that that would be just perfect for. :-)

Caveat: I know someone else made one like that at one point, though I don't think the design was anywhere near as good as yours generally are. But I did see something like it on a forum once, and later, when I found myself obsessing on it, couldn't remember who had it, and have never seen it again since.
Sure, I'll see what I can do about that :) It may take a little while, but I will get to it sooner or later!
If it's okay, I'd like to make a request. My favorite quote from Firefly is when Jayne gets doped up and says, "You can't change that by gettin' all... bendy" and then collapses. Any pic of Jayne will be fine for it, so I don't have one to post. Whatever will work good with the words. I just really want that quote because I say it all the time to people and my husband I love it and laugh at it all the time. Total creative freedom (if that's okay to request). I just want the quote :D Please and thank you so much in advance. :D
Sure, I'll see what I can do about that. Sorry to be slow responding to this :)
Hello! I've two requests. :]

I would love two text icons.

1 - Text: Jamie Lannister KING SLAYER

I edited this because I changed my mind. XD I would love if you could do this icon in this style: with JAMIE LANNISTER in the middle, and kingslayer repeating in the background, if that is at all possible/makes sense. Thank yooou!

2 - Text: When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die. There is no middle ground.

The second perhaps in the font you used for this icon:

White and black would be fine. :D

Thank you so much!

Edited at 2007-11-19 05:24 am (UTC)
Here you go! I hope you like these :)

Hi, sorry to be slow getting back to you, I have been Photoshop-less for a while :) On that icon, the text is kind of crammed in there, so I couldn't fit everything you wanted if I stick with that particular font.

If this is to your liking, then great! :) Otherwise, if you really want more of the text, I can try fiddling with the font and see what I can make that's still legible.
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